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They took a chance on casting me because the character, Eli, really fit.The first season is almost impossible for me to watch because I can tell I'm learning on the go. TV Guide Magazine: If that was an acting class, then what were your five seasons on ? Now you not only had to learn your lines, but you had to learn impossible-to-say lines and look like you knew what you were doing.Later adding, "He's more worried about being the rock that he usually is.

flew up to the show’s Toronto set where they made us their guests. So he’s dead inside again and of course he cares about Nikita — he always will care about Nikita.It just can't be someone that's killed the love of her life." On the topic of Ryan in the chemistry with him than she does Owen. With Michael working with Nikita, does this mean their relationship is back to normal?"They're not talking about their personal life," he said.“But then, there are certain things on Michael’s side where she didn’t need to leave the ring. There were certain things that were an actual slap in the face. nothing’s perfect when it comes to relationships — especially like theirs — but I think you’re going to see a whirlwind of emotions in six episodes.” Maggie too addressed the question about what will happen with “Mikita,” when brought up the question during a group interview, following the actress’ long day of filming. “She’s always been the person who sort of puts everyone before herself. But she’s also not a self-righteous sort of creature, so she doesn’t come and go, ‘Well, I did all this for Michael, so why are you upset at me?Nikita didn’t want to be out there for three months, living on her own and you know, eating garbage and — you’ll, see where she’s at when we open this season. ’ “It takes a while for that to come out,” she continued. essentially kind of doesn’t want to fight for them anymore.

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