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I'm still reading the book, I plan to refer back to it whenever I need it.But I'm already enjoying some much needed inner peace from reading the book and employing some of the strategies... As someone who wants to take responsibility for myself and learn from past relationships, Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love is a very grounding tool to help.If you’re in your 40s, then it’s one love for every 20 years of your life. That will generally get you three replies and a date. And you’re mad, bored, upset or disappointed because you’ve been online dating for three months and nothing has happened yet. The fact you are looking for love doesn’t mean it’s just showing up on your doorstep. You pay to have great pictures taken if you don’t have any. That’s what it takes and you’ll have to do it over and over. You really will meet someone amazing and wonderful if you just don’t quit playing the game. In your lifetime, how many times have you fallen in love?If you’re like most lesbians, you’ll tell me you’ve only really been in love a couple of times in your life.Yes, I mean that “really in love” state, not the one where you love her but you’re not IN LOVE with her.

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(a=f);var b=i(a);if(CSS&&! I know you are saying to yourself, “Online dating is tough.” Well, that’s why you need to tackle it with tough love. You’ve got to keep yourself motivated and stay in the game.Through a marriage of evidence-based psychology, personal experience, and humor the authors shine a light on the many ways we as lesbians come together in relationship. Learning about the concept of 'PAP' and 'PEP' known as Primal Abandonment Panic and Primal Engulfment Panic, helped me unlock the dating patterns I was stuck in for years.

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