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Many of those who pursue polyamorous relationships find them to be fulfilling, and when challenges arise, a therapist or other mental health professional may often be able to help committed partners navigate polyamory and other nonmonogamous relationship styles.In many cultures, monogamy is still upheld as the ideal structure for committed relationships, but nonmonogamous relationship styles are increasingly being recognized as a valid choice for some individuals.Monogamous cultures tend to support the ideas of soul mates, true love, and marriage as the ultimate goal of all committed relationships.In an idealized version of this model, people generally engage in romantic relationships in order to find one person to spend the future with, believing once that person is found, they will no longer desire to seek out other relationships.

Yahoogroups has many local polyamory discussion groups where people meet up in real life. If no local poly group exists in your area, you might want to consider starting one.

This is a large theme camp, about 200 x 500 feet; it grew from 170 campers in 2012 to 284 in 2016 (more than a third of them new in 2016).

Workshops and events include Heart of Now, Poly High Tea, the famous Human Carcass Wash, the Hiney Hygiene Station, Mind Melt, Revolutionary Honesty, and a poly mixer.

Believe it or not, one can still meet poly people in such circumstances. If you’re looking for sex, yeah, a sex club is a dandy idea. If you’re looking for relationships, then you’re looking for things in addition to the sex.

That means you’re looking, I hope, for people to stuff with.

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