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’”" data-reactid="23"Her lawyer was deeply apologetic. And so, for your own entertainment and education, here they are: The 11 hottest Internet scams that we’re still falling for. All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives.”you to have it! Paul Agabi get those millions out of the country, using your bank account as a parking spot, he’ll share the dough with you." data-reactid="38"Amazingly enough, rich dead guy left behind millions of dollars—and your correspondent wants you to have it! Paul Agabi get those millions out of the country, using your bank account as a parking spot, he’ll share the dough with you. It’s only a couple hundred bucks, so you send it." data-reactid="47"But then a funny thing happens: Mr. You will be asked to send more, more, more money until you come to your senses and realize you’re being bilked. You’re on a dating site, and you find The One: She’s gorgeous, she’s witty, and she’s really into you. She’s a stock photo and a con artist who’s been playing you—probably a male.

I showed up at the closing—but the buyer herself was absent.promised that I’d have the money by today! Here’s a shocker: Not everything you read on the Internet is true. On the 21st of April, my client, his wife and their only child were involved in a car accident. Maybe you make an offer on a house in some money to him, to cover bribes to officials. Though it has expanded beyond the country of Nigeria, it is still called the “Nigerian” or “419″ scam (named for the section of the Nigerian penal code it violates)." data-reactid="50"You will never get any money. She doesn’t show up, because she’s not a real person.

According to, “being smart is NOT enough to protect yourself from Internet scams.” According to Internet World Stats about 1,802,330,457 people use the Internet.

That’s a huge number, and with large numbers of people, there is always a few “bad apples” in the bunch.

In order to do that, the phishing emails will seem to come from an official source – it can be bank authorities or other financial institutes, but also delivery companies or social networks representatives.

This way, they’ll persuade you to click on the links contained by their messages and access a website that looks legit, looks like the real one, but it’s actually controlled by them.

Old boundaries and human limitations were dropped, in order for us to have access to almost any information. We must not forget their final target is always our money and there is nothing they won’t do to accomplish their mission.

Phishing emails try to trick the intended victim into visiting a fraudulent website disguised to look like a valid e Commerce or banking site.

Nigerian 419 scams (aka Advanced Fee Fraud) date back to the days when fax machines and snail mail were the primary business communication tools.

Today, email is the preferred method of these scammers and there are more Nigerian 419 Advanced Fee Fraud scams - and victims - than ever before.

(Photo: Thinkstock)In 2001, I planned to move to a new town in Connecticut. Deposit the check, and then send 0 by Western Union to my shipping company.”Maybe your spider-sense is tingling. You’ll deposit it, wire this guy 0 of your real money—and a couple of days later, your bank will let you know that the money order was a fake. Three big clues that you’re being targeted: (a) The offer is for more than you’re asking; (b) you’re supposed to send your item to another country; and (c​) you’re asked to use the other guy’s shipping company.

I put my house up for sale, but it sat there, unsold in the recession, for over a year. But sure enough, you get a money order or certified check in the mail. You get an email from your bank (or Amazon, e Bay, Pay Pal, Yahoo, Apple) saying that there’s a problem with your account.

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