Palm reading dating

Some people claim that reading the hands is scientific and have given the skill more scientific names like Dermatoglyphics and Chiromancy.

Today in India the hand readers are divided into three types of readers: Some Indian palmists claim to read from the thumb the complete karmic history of a person.

The hand you write with is your dominant or active hand.

In traditional palmistry, if you are right handed, they say "the left is what the gods give you, the right is what you do with it." This is a bit simplistic and misleading - we were given both hands, the lines on both hands change, so we do something with both hands!

Each hand reader's modality is slightly different in how rules are applied and what is identified.General horoscopes can get into the possibilities of what you want out of life, and they're often phrased in more general ways.You'll often see a horoscope in the back of the paper that says something like, “If you've been looking for love, now is the time!If you stretch out your arm the elbow crease becomes fainter, but stretch your hand and the palmar lines appear stronger.There are no markings on the elbow or other creases such as we see on the lines of the hand - (how could the markings be caused by folding? There are lines on the hand where the skin doesn't fold, and places where the hand folds but there is no distinct line.

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