Colt detective special dating

The I-frame was a 5-shot hand ejector double action revolver.

It was very popular because it was so small and light, but it was not strong enough to handle the more powerful .38 Special round.

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The US Army then followed Navy in adopting a modern 38 DA revolver.

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This Colt is on the New Army and Navy Double Action frame. Click for more info This is a very nice Colt 1878 Doule Action revolver in the very desirable "Sheriff's Model" configuration with the 4" barrel and no ejector. Click for more info Colt New Army in 38Colt, 6" barrel, Made in 1906 with Colt Letter.

Revolver is used in good condition, Has orignial bluing but is lightly frecklied throughout, Very good bore.

Cylinder rotates counter-clockwise, sideplate is also on the right-hand side of frame, Colt produced approx. Most alterations reduce value, but a few are sought after (similar to finding a correct SAA Artillery model) .

Based on Navy use, Army model has 2nd set of locking notches added to cylinder. US Army military issue models include Model of 1892, Model of 1894, Model of 1896, Model of 1901, and Model of 1903. Last patent date July 4, 1905..38 Short or Long cal., similar to New Navy Second Issue, except has a round butt, checkered wood grips w/o medallion, and 6 in.

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