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It’s statistics like these that get me excited about about email marketing.That’s why I’ve put together this blog post on ecommerce email marketing.I’m talking about investing the time, energy and resources to create the most effective cart abandonment email series possible. The only way to know is to ASK your customers why they’re abandoning their carts. I know of a company who uses a seven email cart abandonment email sequence. Because they don’t stop sending emails until the conversion rate drops.Most companies throw out discounts immediately, and people know this. Add some benefits (people love free shipping) and include a simple link to complete their checkout. If people haven’t bought by now, they’re in the slow lane and we need to kick them into the fast lane. So don’t be afraid to send four, five, six, or more emails.Social media sites have also grown in numbers by leaps and bounds.

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Truly Madly India’s best dating & matchmaking app which uses the perfect algorithm to suggest matches according to your interests.Some people will abandon just to see if you’ll send them a discount. If people keep buying from your cart abandonment emails, you should keep sending them. This is the type of email you need at a bare minimum.So if your go-to strategy is throwing out discounts whenever someone shows slight disinterest in your products, you’re throwing margin into the wind. If you have to choose between allocating resources to designing a beautiful email, and just sending more emails, you’ll get more bang for your buck by sending more emails.These are the top dating websites available in india that offer a chance to know someone.Whether you are looking for casual chatting, dating or serious relationships you can surely give these dating websites a try.

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