Error 1601 updating iphone

You can take a look at the complete i Reb r5 changelog in the quoted area can go to the i Jailbreak Downloads Section or use one of the direct links shown below.Here are some things you can try to fix the problem.We’ve listed the most common solutions first, so try them in order.

Apple has a list of tips to help with this process. Sometimes third-party security software interferes with the connection between i Tunes and Apple's servers.i Reb is a tool for the Windows operating system, developed by i H8Sn0w that will put your i Phone, i Pod Touch or even i Pad into a pwned state.This will allow you to upgrade your i OS device to a custom i OS firmware file created using a tool like Sn0w Breeze.While troubleshooting each security software package and individual proxy server settings are beyond the scope of this article, Apple has some handy tips on configuring your software with the proper port information and domain settings for Apple's servers.You might see these errors if there was an operating system error or you're running low on disk space.

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